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Why Doctors Should Prescribe a Helicopter Trip

It's time for doctors to prescribe helicopter flying therapy. Studies have shown that flying has positive psychological and physiological benefits. But can the flying helicopter cure compete with prescription drugs?


Helicopter Tour as Therapy

When Rich (not his real name) decided to retire after 30 years, he struggled with a host of problems: alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, to name only a few. Things started to turn around in 2013, when a friend took him on a helicopter ride. “If I hadn’t started flying, I'd probably be another sad statistic” says Rich. “The energy and adrenaline rush I felt allowed me to leave my negative thoughts on the ground.”

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The idea of a flying cure isn’t new: in fact, it's very similar to what nature can do for your health. Groups like Outward Bound have been bringing people on expeditions for years, and we all know the psychological benefits of a simple walk in the woods. Now, let's see if we can find any scientific data to prove that flying a helicopter is a good cure. Can we find any scientific studies that put flying therapy on par with pharmaceutical treatments? If so, doctors could start prescribing it as a cheaper and safer alternative.


Adventure Travel to Stay Healthy

Someday, maybe we’ll get a discount from insurance companies by flying a certain amount of time flying—the same way non-smokers and runners get reduced rates. After weeks of research and phone calls to specialists on this matter, I couldn’t find much except one thing: they all agree that such an idea could reduce dependence on some medication and lower health care costs.

The closest study I found comes from UC Berkeley News. They found stimuli experienced during helicopter flight lowered levels of stress hormones cortisol, as well as inflammatory cytokines. Inflammation is common pathway for depression, heart disease and diabetes. The report states: Most people have the sense that after a good dose of the outdoors, they feel stronger and healthier—it should be very similar with the helicopter.


Fly and Create Your Moments

One specialist I could reach said: “If we could package the outdoors and helicopter flight, and call it a pharmaceutical, it would be sold widely.” In the meantime, my fellow helicopter friends, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that flying helps you stay in shape and keep your spirits up. It’s a simple way to stay grounded in stressful moments.


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