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Where’s the Fun in the Helicopter Industry?

Fun Helicopter Adventure

After working in the helicopter industry for several years, we’ve noticed that major manufacturers have put in place a great online network for information and window-shopping. But while these websites do a great job of covering important themes such as safety and helicopter specifications, they all focus on the product itself instead of the end user: helicopter enthusiasts, owners and pilots.

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Where’s the FUN!?

In the last 15 years, we experienced the arrival of thousands of new private helicopter owners and a growing demand in helicopter travel from helicopter enthusiasts. People want new experiences, to enjoy themselves and have the time of their life when embarking on a helicopter adventure. On the other hand, more experienced travellers might eventually run out of places to discover. We feel the online world could use a little more fun and adventure. What do you think?


What’s Helicopter Trip?

Helicopter Trip is about experiencing and capturing the thrill only a helicopter flight can provide. It’s accessible and fun, with well-designed routes perfected for your enjoyment. If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure, if you want to discover new landscapes, if you want to live unrestrained by roads and boundaries … the sky awaits those who are thirsty for adventure. Never stop exploring all these other facets of a helicopter, using them to enhance your own travel experiences. Together, let’s celebrate helicopter FUN!

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