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Meet the Bleisure Traveler

As a helicopter operator, why should you be aware of this new traveler behavior? 


Helicopter Travel Market 

This market segment offers great opportunity for a 3-day helicopter trips, with highly profitable travelers who are taking longer trips, with more varied travel itineraries, and are likely to spend more. 63% of business trips turn into bleisure travels, and many trips (80%) last four or more days.

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Who is the Bleisure Traveler?

Bleisure travelers are frequent business travelers who work in a variety of industries. Their business trips tend to last two or three nights. Business trips taking place during company conferences or at convention centers are more likely to turn into bleisure trips, rather than meeting clients or team members abroad. Business trips lasting 3 days or more are 30% more likely to add a leisure element.


Bleisure Trip Benefits

Bleisure trips are a good opportunity to save on travel expenses, especially for those who don’t take many vacations.

  • 66% tend to spend more money on leisure activities because of the money saved on travel
  • 54% tend to plan their business trips around the leisure activities they intend on doing
  • 84% of bleisure travelers stayed in the same city/area
  • 84% of bleisure travelers typically stay in the same hotels


How Do Bleisure Travelers Choose to Turn a Business Trip a Bleisure Trip?

Those who consider the destination they travel to are more likely to look for cities with great sightseeing locations.

  • 66% chance when traveling to an exciting destination
  • 51% chance if the trip is close to the weekend

Having a short “Path to Booking” (1-4 weeks) also helps: this explains why Helicopter Trip always offers 3-day packages with all of its helicopter operators. There’s a good opportunity for us to generate a large volume if we can anticipate and address the needs of business travelers. 

Top Bleisure Destinations 

  • New York
  • Orlando
  • Los Angeles & San Francisco 
  • Las Vegas
  • Seattle


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