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  • From North to South: a Dream Helicopter Adventure

    We met with one of the “Polar First” helicopter pilots to have the opportunity to fly to this magical place – a destination every traveler dreams of. 

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    FAI World Helicopter Championship

    We had the chance to meet some truly passionate helicopter pilots in Moscow, Russia. Yes, in Russia! There was also a big surprise waiting for us there!

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    7 min read
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    Helicopter Fishing Adventure

    Looks like this is going to be a great trip: we just got the OK from Jean, Chief Manager at the Hipou Outfitter, a typical outfitter on the Indian reserve. They own a fantastic river located in Eastern Canada.

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    6 min read
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    A Message to Your Helicopter Trip Copilot

    The other day, a friend was telling me that most of the time he flew with his wife, it would end in a dispute. And that’s no fun! Six subjects to be covered with your co-pilot.

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    6 min read
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    Why Doctors Should Prescribe a Helicopter Trip

    It's time for doctors to prescribe helicopter flying therapy. Studies have shown that flying has positive psychological and physiological benefits. But can the flying helicopter cure compete with prescription drugs?

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    3 min read
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    Around the World by Helicopter with Rob McDuff

    Can you fly around the whole world by helicopter? Yes, you can. And to help you envision what this represents, we met with an experienced pilot who’s been to many, many places by helicopter.

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    5 min read
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