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  • Live the California Dream

    Diversity of landscape, weather and people are just a few reasons why California is at the top of every traveler’s list. Read on to find out why the Golden State is a destination to discover and rediscover.

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    From North to South: a Dream Helicopter Adventure

    We met with one of the “Polar First” helicopter pilots to have the opportunity to fly to this magical place – a destination every traveler dreams of. 

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    Where’s the Fun in the Helicopter Industry?

    After working in the helicopter industry for several years, we’ve noticed that major manufacturers have put in place a great online network for information and window-shopping. 

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    The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X is the Last of its Generation

    Re-entering the short light single turbine market with a newer and more modern-looking helicopter, Bell revealed the last generation of the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X.

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    Bell’s Futuristic Air Taxi

    Bell unveils their electric futuristic air-taxi concept during the HAI HELI-EXPO in Las Vegas. A full-scale mockup to show the future of flight controls and overall user experience.

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    Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) Aircraft

    The future of urban transport, through VTOL aircraft. Bell announced the Nexus, Uber launched Uber Elevate Summit, and a few more companies have made similar announcements. 

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